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Tips Towards Strengthening Confidence: You Are Beautiful

Tips Towards Strengthening Confidence: You Are Beautiful
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Self esteem may be highest among middle-age women around 60 yrs, according to a study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. When you’re at a certain age, you’re most comfortable with yourself, your success and relationships. Embrace it. For all those pesky little knocks to your self esteem, try these tips instead.

Tip 1: Make a Small Change

Think small and work yourself up. You can not expect to reinvent yourself overnight, so begin with a small alteration. A mild change in hair style or hair color, a few new outfits, switching from glasses to buying contact lenses and working on your posture are a few ways to add some confidence and freshness to your overall appearance. Little physical changes may seem superficial, but they will help you feel confident.

Tip 2: Remember That Aging Isn’t the Enemy

Ninety-seven percent of women find themselves hating their body every day, according to a Glamour magazine poll. You can stall aging by taking care of yourself, but it is impossible to stop. Celebrity worship, media expression and constant negativity all add to the overall lack of self esteem on such a wide scale.

Take time each day to remind yourself of the positives you have. Compliment yourself. Remember the people who truly matter in your life think you’re beautiful 24/7.

Tip 2: Focus on Your Health on a Micro Level

The resurgence in supplements and vitamin usage is growing. More women are becoming aware of the medical and health benefits from taking daily vitamins. A shortage of vitamin D causes mood swings and sporadic bursts of various levels of depression, which can be linked to low self esteem, according to Dr. Oz. Few foods are great sources of vitamin D, so implement a daily vitamin to make sure you’re getting enough.

Tip 3: Focus on Body Image

Roughly 91 percent of women are unhappy with their body image, and only five percent actually have the ideal body frame portrayed in the mass media, reports DoSomething.org. This, of course, directly correlates with the 20 billion-dollar annual revenue in the weight-loss industry. Body image is key, and a poor valuation of your own body image compared to the “regular” woman will result in the inability to see yourself in a positive light. Poor body image can lower your confidence and negatively affect your social life, sex drive and overall happiness.

Tip 4: Practice Constant Beauty

A woman should always focus on her most beautiful aspects, inside and out. Even when you wake up, work out, or feel sick, uphold the thought that you are beautiful. Like a smile that brings a bad mood into a good one, a conscious positive reinforcement of your beauty will eventually become natural and be reflected in your everyday worth. A low self esteem seeps into all areas, including how you treat your body physically. Someone with little self esteem has little desire to take care of themselves. You are at your highest level of performance when you feel sexy. Wear sexy colors, such as red, and listen to music that is empowering.


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