At we know that if you’re suffering from a problem with your libido then you’ll want to receive your bottle(s) of Spanish Fly Pro as quickly as possible. To ensure this happens we offer express shipping to the USA and your order should take no more than 4 – 9* working days to get to you, excluding bank holidays and weekends of course. When it comes to sexual desire time is of the essence and because we developed this product we understand that more than most other people would!

What most women who order our product don’t realize is that a low sex drive in women is a very common problem, one which millions of other women suffer from. That still doesn’t take away from the fact that you’ll probably feel just a tiny bit embarrassed and self-conscious about ordering our product and having it shipped to you. We’re sure you have no desire for your neighbors, family or friends knowing your personal business right?

You can rest assured that your order of Spanish Fly Pro, Spanish Fly Love, or any other of our products will be shipped in the most discrete packaging available, so nobody will have any idea what’s inside. In short we do our very best to protect your privacy in every possible way.

We’re very proud of our product and we’re equally proud of the shipping service we provide, both in terms of discretion and just how quickly we can get our sex drops shipped to each of our customers around the world.

We understand that with products such as a libido enhancer that discretion is absolutely critical and unlike other companies shipping similar products we actually do take our customer’s privacy very seriously. So, for example, the shipping label on your order will simply say “Liquid” and nothing else – even if somebody does take the time to look at the label it has no embarrassing details on it. At we do everything we can to ensure that your private life stays entirely private.

Remember that a lack of libido is nothing to be ashamed of and millions of otherwise healthy women all over the world struggle with this same problem every single day. If you had a toothache you wouldn’t think twice about seeing a dentist right? So when it comes to wanting the best female libido enhancer on the market then you can simply deal with the team at

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve our shipping service then please do contact us – we love hearing from our customers!

*In certain cases, it takes longer. We’ll offer a refund if your order doesn’t reach within 45 days.