The “Germany Sex Drops” Are SCAM.

Germany Sex Drops are manufactured in China by several different companies and sold for under $0.85 wholesales. That’s right – not even a dollar for a bottle. Don’t believe us? Try to find it on eBay and you’ll find dozens of sellers selling it for under $3. And you guessed it – they are mostly from China.

How is this price possible? It’s because the liquid is just water. There’s no magic potion that makes your woman aroused – it’s simply water. And that’s not even the worst thing. Since there are absolutely NO inspections or authority reviews of the production, many of the bottles are half empty, leak or even covered in mold by the time they arrive to you.

We found out the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Since it’s almost impossible for any official authority to stop the sale of such products on internet (even the U.S. FDA tried to ban them being sold in the US), our organization decided to at least inform the public about alternatives to this useless and potentially dangerous drug.

Who Are We?

Simply put, we are a group of pharmaceutical and laboratory experts that test a variety of different sex enhancement products. We are not affiliated in any way with any supplement company. As you can see below, we always link to the official website of each product – not with an affiliate or commission link, nor do we sell the products on our site.

Our Team

Why We Do It?

We and mostly our loved ones experienced health problems after using the Germany Sex Drops. Official authorities were unable to stop the sale of this product, so we are doing what we can. If we can help just one person to make a better decision, it will all be worth it.

How We Assume The Results?

We try to test and review products that are currently trending and that have a huge demand.

We buy the products anonymously as regular users from local stores or online retailers. No brand or company knows we purchased the goods for testing purposes.

Each product we buy we test in our FDA-Approved Lab from the Pharmaceutical College of New Mexico.




96%Spanish Fly ProSpanish Fly Pro RatingSpanish Fly Pro contains the strongest aphrodisiacs currently available on the market. It’s completely herbal and safe to use daily. Effects are noticeable after 5 to 10 minutes. During our testing it worked 96 times out of 100 uses (tests). Therefore, our overall score for this product is 96%.


87%Spanish Fly LoveSpanish Fly Love RatingThe second-best product we ever tested. Spanish Fly Love or Love Drops as it’s also called is 100% safe to use and meets all our requirements of ingredients quality. Speed of results is average, but the overall effectivity and satisfaction of users after use make it 87%.


72%ProvestaProvestra RatingProvesta pills are female sex enhancer which are safe to consume and take effect in a couple of minutes. However the overall effectiveness wasn’t the best. It has almost non effect when used by male, works only on females. Our overall score is 72%.


54%Her SolutionHerSolution Gel RatingThe user has to wait up to one hour before the Her Solution Gel starts to work and some effect is noticeable. The quality of the ingredients used in this product were under the standard level. However, it’s completely safe to use this product. Overall score of 54%.


41%Spanish Gold FlySpanish Gold FlyDuring our testing we didn’t even find one active substance in the Spanish Gold Fly drops. The results appeared after about half an hour. And even after that time, any effects weren’t almost noticeable. We can’t give more than 41% in overall rating.



Do you have experiences with such products? Please share your feedback in the comments!


  1. I have used german sex drops, but I never felt any difference after the use. I am considering to try the spanish fly pro, I read lots of good reviews on it. Does anyone have some experiences with it?

  2. my wife and i we used almost all the products you reviewed and we have only good experiences with spanish fly pro and love. the love works only on my wife the pro works on both of us.

  3. So we got our bottle of Spanish Fly PRO yesterday, already tried it and guys… get the 3 or 6 bottles package right a way, don’t even bother with 1 bottle. It will last us for max a week, hahaha.

  4. I purchased Spanish Fly Pro because of your recommendations and I can also report that it works. I maybe expected little more, but in general, it works. Like it will not make horny beast from your girl after 5 minutes, but she will be more playful, she will enjoy all more and will definitely like it all more. That’s good.

  5. It’s great I found this site after I spent $80 on germany sex drops… Going to try the spanish fly pro now, thanks for the advice.

  6. I love my Spanish Fly pro! No more trips to the store to buy personal lubricant for me! I don’t need it because now I produce enough of my own love juice xD

  7. This Spanish fly pro is a wonder drug! It worked perfectly on me and my wife. It has been a little cold in the bedroom with sexy happening once a month. Now the Spanish fly pro, the fireworks and the magic is back.

  8. Well yeah the pro is good it’s just that I waited on this product for about 2 weeks… But I’m also from Africa so probably there was just some problem with the post office. Who knows.

  9. After having two kids our sex life started to be boring. I lost my urge to have sex, and it affected badly my relationship with my husband. I wanted to bring the excitement back to our relationship, I was desperate, nothing I tried really worked, until I found your website, I decided to try the Spanish Fly Pro. I didn’t expect so much from the product, but I was blown away with the results. It boosted my sex urge and made me feel like a 20 years old lady again, my husband is very pleased and I can honestly say that that SPANISH FLY PRO saved our marriage.

  10. Pro is a totally natural supplement which is great. no undesired side effects or any of this bs. Does what it promises.


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