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Low Libido? Turn Your Home Into a Sensual Sanctuary

Low Libido? Turn Your Home Into a Sensual Sanctuary
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If you’re looking to naturally boost your libido, maybe it’s time to update your surroundings. After all, is it really a surprise you’re not turned on at home when your house is littered with the kids’ toys and kitschy decor? Instead, strive to make your entire home more sensual by updating it to indulge all the senses.

Design With the Senses in Mind

To create a truly sensual space, think about your senses: the rich scent of worn leather, the perfume of fresh-cut flowers, the rich texture of velvet and the cool feel of crisp cotton. Consider your favorite sensory experiences and brainstorm ways to incorporate them into your living room, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Look online for inspiration on websites like Pinterest and Houzz, as well as the websites of various luxury hotels. Make a Pinterest board to organize your favorite photos and get inspiration.

Feng Shui

Create sensual harmony in your home by implementing classic feng shui principles for balance and harmony. Establish a natural focal point in each room, but avoid focusing on visual media like computers and televisions. Instead, decorate to encourage more communication and intimate connections. Arrange furniture in each room to maximize exposure to natural lighting, so you can avoid using harsh overhead lighting whenever possible. This is especially important in the bedroom, as it can help make waking up each morning a more pleasant experience to start your day off right. Dress the windows with luxe drapery or roman blinds to control the amount of natural light in each room.

Add Drama

Rework the color palette in each room to include more deep colors, which invoke a sense of drama and spirit. Colors like chocolate brown, aubergine and midnight blue are versatile choices. The addition of rich textures can also add sensory drama. Include a variety of materials like suede, velvet, silk, chenille, leather and chunky woven knits.

Exotic Details

Further treat your senses with decorative details that stimulate and indulge. Gather your favorite items and photographs from romantic getaways and exotic adventures, and place one item in each room of your home—you’ll evoke memories of pleasure in your mate. Accessorize with unexpected elements, such as a vase filled with suggestive feathers, to break the daily monotony and invigorate your decor.

Soften the Walls and Flooring

Bare walls and flooring can give a room a cold, bare feeling. Instead, add tactile accoutrements to make each room more inviting. Veil walls with floor-length fabric to soften them. Make hardwood or tile floors more inviting with faux animal skin rugs or area rugs in timeless prints that match the decor.

Flattering Lighting

There’s nothing sexy about overhead lighting. Add lamps and chic pendant lighting throughout your home for additional lighting options that are softer and more flattering. For more versatility you can also add a dimmer switch for overhead lighting.


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