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As with any type of supplement or health enhancement product it’s always advisable to check with your doctor or medical professional before you start taking it. That being said the ingredients of Spanish Fly Pro are so simple and safe there are no side effects to worry about. We’ve avoided the route of using dozens of pointless ingredients in our product and just focused on what delivers maximum results for combating the problem of a low sex drive in women. We’ve worked very hard to make our sex drops the very best and very safest on the market and we feel that once you’ve tried them once you’ll agree that no other libido enhancement product comes close. Plus we’ve had no reported customer issues or side effects since the product itself was released.

We’re going to spend some time here to explain exactly what the ingredients for Spanish Fly Pro are and how they work in such a wonderfully synergistic way to give you the results you so desperately want and which eliminate your lack of libido almost instantly.

Our female libido enhancement products contains four very basic primary ingredients which are Maca, L- arginin hydrochlorid, Tribulus terrestris, Guarana, Damiana, Kofein and Panax ginseng. The first thing you need to know about these particular ingredients are that they’re entirely safe and have been proven to be very effective in increasing the female libido. Taken individually these ingredients won’t have any effect on your libido but when they’re combined in a very specific way they increase blood flow to the genital region in women. This will also increase clitoral sensitivity to the point where multiple orgasms can become almost easy to achieve. In addition to providing for vastly increased sexual stimulation our drops also increase the amount of vaginal lubricant produced, making sex far more comfortable and enjoyable for you as a result.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) extract
Is the main ingredient to reach hormone balance, high energy and raise libido via its natural attribute. it is considered to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

L- arginin hydrochlorid
Research of Doctor Murad (Nobel price winner) find that Arginine is important for creating nitric oxide, which plays an important role in maintaining vascular flexibility. If the endothelium lacks nitric oxide, it may result in a malfunction of the cardiovascular system.

Tribulus terrestris extract
Research has shown that increase of testosterone and other male sex hormones (after 4 weeks of use) increases the interest in sexual life.Tribulus In icreases sexual libido and potency; it is suitable for male infertility and prostate hypertrophy (enlarged prostate).

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) extract
Guarin is the active ingredient that guarana contains, in addition in double the amount of coffee caffeine. Guarin delivers energy to your body gradually and for a longer period, which gives you more energy for sexual intercourse.

Damian (Turnera diffusa) extract
Use of Damians is possible Both for men and women. For women (according to experience) helps those who have difficulty reaching orgasm. The immediate effect of Damiens is half an hour to two hours, the maximum effect of Damiana in this direction can only be achieved after repeated use.

Men who drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee (about 170 to 370 mg caffeine) during the day, will reduce erection problems. Very similar effect was observed on woman too.

Panax ginseng extract
Ginseng increases mental and physical performance, concentration, dampening fatigue and it has a significant adaptogen and a stimulating effect.

So now that you’ve been reassured that Spanish Fly Pro are completely safe why not order some today and begin your journey to increased sexual pleasure?