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Increasing Female Libido

Increasing Female Libido

Increasing Female Libido

At some point in time many of us will suffer from a low sexual activity level and it’s much easier for men to turn to the little blue pill, Viagra, that we all known so well. When people think about the person that is suffering from a low libido, they tend to think of men first, but women experience it just as often as men do at certain points in their lives. There are more women that suffer from a low libido than most people think and it can be difficult for them to deal with their hormones fluctuating so often.

The Men’s drive Vs. Women’s

There is a significant difference between men and women in terms of libido. It actually takes women a lot more to be turned on than it does a man, a significant amount of more foreplay. Men can be turned on visually where with women they have to be touched and kissed to become aroused. They also need to be stimulated emotionally and share a connection with a man that is much deeper for the ultimate satisfaction. There was a study that came out recently that said women have the best sex when they are totally and completely in love.

Many women are caught off guard when they are having problems with their sex drive. There are several factors that will play into this and affect the libido significantly. It will begin to slow down and eventually become non-existent in her life, psychologically that is. There are some diet features that come into play – such as when a woman isn’t getting enough iron in her diet, or she’s a little anemic. That will decrease her sex drive significantly, and it will be hard for her to get aroused at all.

Reasons for a Low Libido

There are a lot of things that could have caused this to take place. If the woman has experimented with drug abused in the past, has any serious medical conditions, has just had a child, takes prescription jobs or has hormonal abnormalities it could very well be a result of it. If she is experiencing depression or extreme stress, it could very well be due to the fact that she doesn’t well good as a whole. Health is most important when having a healthy active sex life.

Learning how to Increasing Female Libido

For the women out there who are really struggling with their sex drive, know that you are not alone. The most important thing for you to do is realize what the root of the problem is. To begin finding this it’s very important to go see a gynecologist so that they can filter out any health problems that may be preventing you from experiencing a healthy sex life.

The number-one  thing that you can do to feel your best and improve your sex life is an exercise. There are some exercises that will actually improve your pelvis floor muscles. Try out some Herbal Sex Aids, which are totally and completely natural. Herbs have been used for hundreds of years to increase desire – try out the Zestra Essential Arousal Oils which were created specifically for that. It will boost sexual desire and sexual desire; the oil goes directly on the skin and creates a tingly feeling right away. Try out some sex toys to spark up the sexual routine that you and your lover go through. Sometimes all that it takes is some creativity to get the juices flowing. Try out new positions instead of the usual missionary – ask what your partner likes and adjust so that the both of you are getting the ultimate pleasure.


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