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Improve Female Libido

Improve Female Libido

Improve Female Libido

In order to improve female libido it doesn’t require some “special” products or heavy medication to get your libido rolling back into action. A lot of those medications contain testosterone which can even result in unwanted hair all over your body, as well as breast cancer. Where women are really lacking is believing that they need to take drugs to improve their sex drive. Only 12% of women actually have a distressed condition that is preventing their libido from working. The rest are a result of natural happenings that aren’t taking place. There are so many decisions that women can take to improve female libido.

  • Exercising and doing aerobic workouts will significantly improve the flow of blood throughout the body and the sex organs which will also release endorphins. With an increase in testosterone after approximately one hour, studies show that a woman’s arousal will increase.
  • Learning to relax is a HUGE part of sex drive. With too much stress the body will release cortisol and that will cause the body to plummet completely. You can find your own way of relaxing through music, yoga etc.
  • Recent studies show that your partner can actually help to increase the amount of dopamine that is being released in your brain. Dopamine will fuel sex drive and for them to do this it can be anywhere, not only in the bedroom. Simply doing something special together will release this, such as going on a hike or exercising with each other.
  • It’s recommended to try out some natural supplements to improve female libido, such as Ginkgo biloba, which is used to treat dysfunction. It is safe with a great amount of Vitamin B; this is essential for sex hormones in the adrenaline glands. This will also enhance the sex impulses that are being delivered to your sex organs from your brain.
  • There are certain scents known to turn a woman on and it will immediately increase her sex drive. Find the scent that turns you on and light a candle, or have your partner where a certain cologne or perfume so that it can get you in the mood.

Finding what turns you on and how you can be relaxed are the two most important factors in having a healthy sex life, as long as you are having it with someone that you truly care about and are attracted to.


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