How To Increase Female Libido Naturally?

The word “Libido” is basically used for the sexual desire in both men and women. Women often lose interest in sex like men and this is the reason which loses interest in the sex life of a man. You can increase female libido naturally by gaining more interest in your sex life. For finding the solution of this problem, you need to find out what causes the lack of libido in women and the natural sources which can increase female libido naturally.

Foods are the best source that can boost and increase the female libido naturally. Let’s discuss these rich foods and their ingredients in detail.


When a woman wants to increase the urge of sex, eating bananas is the best option. This increases the sex urge in women and they contain vitamin B which helps in increasing the energy which in turn increases the urge for sex.


Celery has a great amount of energy which is best used for increasing libido in women naturally. The amount of celery used can depend on how much energy they would want to have while having sex. You can choose the amount and have as much pleasure as you want.

Dark chocolate:

Chocolate has always said to be the best substitute for sex. Chocolates are always the best option which increases the level of energy in you and you desire to have sex more. This is the best option which has always helped people have sex with more pleasure.


One spoon of flaxseeds helps to increase libido in women and this increases your energy naturally. There are many foods that are really good and only a spoon full of flaxseeds helps you increase the sex urge.


Watermelon relaxes the blood vessels and this increases the sex urge in women. If you desire to have sex with a great pleasure, you can make a watermelon sorbet and offer it to your spouse and have a great pleasure while having sex.


Oysters are said to be the love drugs because when people use it they have a craving to have sex. The more amount of oysters you use you can have as much pleasure as you want with your partner.


Asparagus, which is recognized for its evocative shape is a rich source of vitamin B, it is known as foliate. It helps in boosting the creation of histamine. In men and women, histamine is essential for a well sex intercourse. Asparagus which is freshly picked is very sugary.


The organic Sicilian avocados are very much in use by the Europeans as stated in a recent report. The nickname for ancient Aztec’s avocados was “ahuacati” or testicle because of the similarity in their shape. The catholic Spanish Priests forbade avocados to their parishioners because they considered it sexy.

Pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc and are healthy for giving more energy while having sex. These are really good for boosting your sex urge and it increases female libido naturally.