What exactly are Germany Sex Drops?

This product is an entirely natural libido enhancer for women, promoting a stronger and healthier sex drive. Germany Sex Drops is made from entirely natural, herbal ingredients and provides both an increase in libido and an increase in vaginal lubrication too; both of these providing a more pleasurable sexual experience for any woman. You may not have heard about Germany Sex Drops just yet but that’s because the product is relatively new to the market.

Is this product a 100% natural libido enhancer for women?

Every component ingredient of Germany Sex Drops is entirely natural and works by increasing the blood to the genitals of any woman using the product. This increased blood flow provides for increased clitoral stimulation and also creates the ideal environment for almost any woman to experience the most intense of multiple orgasms.

Are there any potential side effects?

This product is entirely safe to use because of the natural ingredients used in creating it and there are no known side effects as a result. The drops themselves are both colorless and odorless so you’ll barely even notice you’re using them – except for experiencing massively increased levels of arousal of course.

What are the ingredients used in Germany Sex Drops?

The individual ingredients in this product are water, fructose, melatonin and canitis and it’s the combination of melatonin and fructose which act as the biggest catalyst for improving the sex life of any woman using this product. As you can see the ingredients used in our product are entirely natural.

How to use Germany Sex Drops?

The easiest way to use this product is to simply mix 5 drops of it in water, fruit juice, coffee, tea or some other beverage. As you’re already aware the drops themselves are tasteless and have no color so they won’t affect either the look or taste of your drink. Please note you should never take these sex drops without diluting them in some other form of liquid first.

Do you supply this product on a wholesale basis?

We’re more than happy to discuss wholesale shipping prices with interested customers. Please contact us for further information.