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Sex Drops Germany

Sex Drops Germany

The Germany sex drops are an all-natural  libido enhancer, and they will drastically increase the amount of arousal a woman is feeling by creating more lubrication and increasing the amount of serotonin in the body. These aren’t very well known outside of Germany yet but it may be due to the fact that they are a natural enhancer in comparison to other products. Sex drops Germany are an herbal formula that will increase the blood flow in the genital area and intensify the stimulation in the clitoris area. These also make for a fast response time which will multiply the feeling from an orgasm.

Side Effects

Germany sex drops are extremely safe and will help to increase the amount of sex drive that a female is undergoing. It is a quick and easy to wait to do so; they are colorless and tasteless drops that will not harm your health or your body whatsoever. The ingredients in it are water, canitis, fructose and melatonin. These will improve your sex life naturally and even give your energy a boost throughout the day. This combined with you exercising and eating right is sure to put your libido in check. To use these, all that you have to do is mix these drops in with any beverage, water, tea or a soft drink and drink it. It’s important that you do not take these drops by themselves, only with a liquid.

Causes of a Low Libido

There are various reasons as to why a woman would be suffering from a low sex drive. She may be experiencing a loss of iron during her period, discomfort during sex, depression, side effects from prescription drugs, illness, hormone abnormalities, and eating disorders or simply be feeling frustration toward the relationship that she is in.

It’s vital to visit a doctor before anything to make sure that there aren’t any medical conditions present. If you suspect that it is an anti depressant or birth control that is giving you these feelings then talk to your doctor about changing the medication and be upfront with them about the issue you’re having. After knocking out any physical issues you can focus on something that you can fix all on your own; diet, exercise or simply the relationship with your partner. It’s easy if it’s something that you want and for the sake of your relationship, fix it!

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Enhance Female Libido

Enhance Female Libido

The female libido works in a way that aligns with the overall health of a woman. The most common underlying problem with a libido that isn’t working very well is because that person isn’t taking very good care of their health. If their dieting and physical activity isn’t balanced then it’s very likely that their self-esteem and sexual prevalence isn’t going to be up to their liking either. To enhance the female libido she must first acknowledge what it is that is preventing her from keeping up with her partner who may want to have more of a passionate life between the sheets.

The first thing to knock off of the list is a medical condition and taking prescription medicine. There are many antidepressant pills and birth control pills that actually will take a toll on the libido. If any medical conditions have been present, or you haven’t had a physical, it’s recommended to check with a doctor to make sure that there isn’t a bigger issue.

Most Common Factor

Most of the time women need to enhance female libido because of the way that they are dealing with the stress in their lives. Stress, which comes from emotion and anxiety, is the number-one  reason why so many of us deal with the conditions that we do. It takes a huge chunk out of our lives which we could be enjoying. We aren’t enjoying it because we are spending time worrying about our jobs, responsibilities and our personal lives.

If you are really taking an interest in improving your sex drive, then you must care about the relationship that you’re in or you must care about your overall happiness. This being said, take the time to really lookout for yourself and get to know what types of mental or emotional burdens you are carrying around. If it is a job that is making you unhappy, then maybe you should reconsider. If you’re depressed about your weight and the way that your body looks, then consider dieting and exercising.

Exercising will actually improve your libido being that it will help your body to relax and tighten the pelvic muscles. As it releases endorphins in the body it will also help to regulate your blood pressure, which can easily be offset by not eating right and not getting enough sleep. When you exercise you sleep better at night and are able to manage your moods. Most of our health problems actually result from the way that we take care of ourselves. When we don’t eat right, get physical activity or get enough sleep it will definitely affect the way that our body holds our energy level throughout the day. In order to have a healthy sex life our body needs to be able to produce good energy and not only adrenalin energy that is running off of junk food and sugar.

Self Esteem and Libido

Many women don’t realize that their self worth is tied into the way that they feel and the way that they view themselves. If you feel that you are overweight or don’t look good naked, then this is what you need to improve so that you are happy with the sex life that you have with your partner. When you feel good your partner will notice and that is, by far, one of the sexiest things in a boyfriend or girlfriend. Take the time to care for your body, being that it is yours. When you feel good about the way that you look then you won’t have the emotions tied down to feeling insecure.

Female Libido Enhancement

Female Libido Enhancement

In order to know how to enhance your sex drive and the relationship that you have with your significant other, you will first need to put your health in check. Have you had a physical lately? Are you suffering from any medical conditions? If you’re sure that your health is up to par and that you haven’t been recovering from any major injuries lately then we can narrow down what might be preventing you from being sexually aroused.

The most common cause of a woman needing female libido enhancement is due to the amount of stress and frustration that she is dealing with in her life. Whether that comes from the way that she feels about herself, the relationship she’s in, her job or her family an almost immediate consequence of that stressful burden is a lack of sexual arousal. We tend to feel sexual when our body is relaxed – if our body is undergoing adrenal stress from too many other things in life then it’s possible that, that is the reason why we cannot embrace that side of our relationship or personal life.

Why Stress?

Stress is the main cause of a lack of sexual arousal due to the effect that it has on every aspect of our life. It can prevent us from sleeping, from eating right, from working out and from being the best that we can be. When we don’t get enough sleep or eat right we won’t have a significant amount of energy throughout the day. In order for the blood to circulate in our genital areas, we must have enough energy and nutrients circulating in our body.

If we are mentally and emotionally drained it will take a significant impact on our body and the amount of sex that we want to have. The first step in having a healthy sex life is by taking care of our mind-body connection. This is the very essence of our being; I’m sure you’ve heard, you are what you eat. That’s exactly true and if you consume foods that don’t improve your moods and your energy then you are doing yourself a disfavor.

Domino Effect

There is a domino effect in the way that we live that many people don’t realize because they cannot grasp the concept behind it all. It starts with our health, our diet, our bodies and from that we will feel a certain way about ourselves and our body. A natural female libido enhancement for many women is simply feeling good about the way that their body looks naked. With a lot of self esteem issues it takes a toll on the way that they feel around their partner naked. This isn’t something you should have to deal with when wanting to express that side of you.

From those negative emotions and bad eating habits, including a lack of exercise, it’s a downward spiral unless we make an effort and turn our health, our emotions and our overall well being around. If it’s something more serious, such as a medical condition, that’s something that can be treated. If you’ve tried herbal supplements and you do take good care of yourself then it may be time for you to stop treating yourself and see a doctor

Being prescribed a stronger medicine means that there may be more side effects. The doctor will prescribe what’s right for your body; there’s always a way to beat having a low libido. It will take your willingness to try out medicines that will help to release the proper chemicals in your body. When it has to do with your relationship and your happiness, it’s definitely a priority in your life.

Female Libido Supplements


Female Libido Supplements

Low sex drive affects about 1 in 10 women and there are many reasons as to why there is a decrease in the libido. A lot of the time aging, hormones or disease will play a role in it although there are many other factors that could be coming into play. There are many nutritional supplements that can  help a low functioning libido, but a woman should always get checked up on and confide in her doctor before she starts taking any of them to prevent unwanted side effects.

Natural Supplements

One of the more popular female libido supplements is DHEA, which is available in the US, although there have been some health concerns with it. This is a steroid that turns into testosterone, increasing sexual desire. Studies show that when subjects have been given DHEA, they had a much higher level of arousal than those who simply took a placebo; there also weren’t any side effects that came from this.

Kyo Gren is a supplement that is an over-the-counter, although there are some that say it will affect reproductive health. Many studies have recognized this as a treatment for sexual dysfunction and middle-aged women who suffer from a low libido were tested, receiving this for three months, and it significantly increases their level of energy without inflicting any side effects.

Red Ginseng plays a significant role in Korean medicine, and it’s known as an herb that will effectively trigger erections. Studies show that ginseng may also treat low libido in women; healthy patients who received doses of this for eight weeks displayed a huge increase in their sexual desire versus those who were only given a placebo.

Well known female libido supplements are Magnolia and Magnesium, which are important in Chinese tradition. They are included in a variety of ailments, and a lot of research shows that it will help on menopausal women. Patients who were given these ingredients and suffering from a low libido enhanced their sexual drive as well as their overall mood. The women were less depressed and less irritable, improving their wants for a sexual relationship.

Outside of Supplements

The level of a woman’s desired can be affected by more than one thing and it could very well be a domino effect of one single variable. If women can dive deep into their own emotional aspects they may find what the actual cause is of their dysfunction. When a woman is in her menopausal stage of life it’s unusual do be making love and that is something that has to change!

There are also physical causes of having a low drive such as insomnia, vaginal dryness and fuzzy thinking which ties hand in hand with menopausal symptoms. Let’s put it simply – if you don’t go to a doctor and get help for this stage of your life, it can be an absolute nightmare. There are some women who can easily get their hormones up and working again when they find relief from the physical trauma that they are undergoing.

Half of women will actually experience thinning and a decrease in vaginal muscle mass at this stage of their life and this can kind of cause some irritation and pain during sexual intercourse. There may even be some changes in urination taking place. This type of pain can interfere with exercising, sleeping and a woman’s concept of her body image.

With both female libido supplements and an overall wellness of your body, you can make progressive changes in the type of arousal that you’re feeling. It will require effort and a diagnosis from a physician.

How To Increase Female Libido Naturally?


The word “Libido” is basically used for the sexual desire in both men and women. Women often lose interest in sex like men and this is the reason which loses interest in the sex life of a man. You can increase female libido naturally by gaining more interest in your sex life. For finding the solution of this problem, you need to find out what causes the lack of libido in women and the natural sources which can increase female libido naturally.

Foods are the best source that can boost and increase the female libido naturally. Let’s discuss these rich foods and their ingredients in detail.


When a woman wants to increase the urge of sex, eating bananas is the best option. This increases the sex urge in women and they contain vitamin B which helps in increasing the energy which in turn increases the urge for sex.


Celery has a great amount of energy which is best used for increasing libido in women naturally. The amount of celery used can depend on how much energy they would want to have while having sex. You can choose the amount and have as much pleasure as you want.

Dark chocolate:

Chocolate has always said to be the best substitute for sex. Chocolates are always the best option which increases the level of energy in you and you desire to have sex more. This is the best option which has always helped people have sex with more pleasure.


One spoon of flaxseeds helps to increase libido in women and this increases your energy naturally. There are many foods that are really good and only a spoon full of flaxseeds helps you increase the sex urge.


Watermelon relaxes the blood vessels and this increases the sex urge in women. If you desire to have sex with a great pleasure, you can make a watermelon sorbet and offer it to your spouse and have a great pleasure while having sex.


Oysters are said to be the love drugs because when people use it they have a craving to have sex. The more amount of oysters you use you can have as much pleasure as you want with your partner.


Asparagus, which is recognized for its evocative shape is a rich source of vitamin B, it is known as foliate. It helps in boosting the creation of histamine. In men and women, histamine is essential for a well sex intercourse. Asparagus which is freshly picked is very sugary.


The organic Sicilian avocados are very much in use by the Europeans as stated in a recent report. The nickname for ancient Aztec’s avocados was “ahuacati” or testicle because of the similarity in their shape. The catholic Spanish Priests forbade avocados to their parishioners because they considered it sexy.

Pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc and are healthy for giving more energy while having sex. These are really good for boosting your sex urge and it increases female libido naturally.

Low Libido? Turn Your Home Into a Sensual Sanctuary


If you’re looking to naturally boost your libido, maybe it’s time to update your surroundings. After all, is it really a surprise you’re not turned on at home when your house is littered with the kids’ toys and kitschy decor? Instead, strive to make your entire home more sensual by updating it to indulge all the senses.

Design With the Senses in Mind

To create a truly sensual space, think about your senses: the rich scent of worn leather, the perfume of fresh-cut flowers, the rich texture of velvet and the cool feel of crisp cotton. Consider your favorite sensory experiences and brainstorm ways to incorporate them into your living room, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Look online for inspiration on websites like Pinterest and Houzz, as well as the websites of various luxury hotels. Make a Pinterest board to organize your favorite photos and get inspiration.

Feng Shui

Create sensual harmony in your home by implementing classic feng shui principles for balance and harmony. Establish a natural focal point in each room, but avoid focusing on visual media like computers and televisions. Instead, decorate to encourage more communication and intimate connections. Arrange furniture in each room to maximize exposure to natural lighting, so you can avoid using harsh overhead lighting whenever possible. This is especially important in the bedroom, as it can help make waking up each morning a more pleasant experience to start your day off right. Dress the windows with luxe drapery or roman blinds to control the amount of natural light in each room.

Add Drama

Rework the color palette in each room to include more deep colors, which invoke a sense of drama and spirit. Colors like chocolate brown, aubergine and midnight blue are versatile choices. The addition of rich textures can also add sensory drama. Include a variety of materials like suede, velvet, silk, chenille, leather and chunky woven knits.

Exotic Details

Further treat your senses with decorative details that stimulate and indulge. Gather your favorite items and photographs from romantic getaways and exotic adventures, and place one item in each room of your home—you’ll evoke memories of pleasure in your mate. Accessorize with unexpected elements, such as a vase filled with suggestive feathers, to break the daily monotony and invigorate your decor.

Soften the Walls and Flooring

Bare walls and flooring can give a room a cold, bare feeling. Instead, add tactile accoutrements to make each room more inviting. Veil walls with floor-length fabric to soften them. Make hardwood or tile floors more inviting with faux animal skin rugs or area rugs in timeless prints that match the decor.

Flattering Lighting

There’s nothing sexy about overhead lighting. Add lamps and chic pendant lighting throughout your home for additional lighting options that are softer and more flattering. For more versatility you can also add a dimmer switch for overhead lighting.

Spanish Fly: How Serious Are The Risks?


When you are considering buying a product that you plan to consume, it’s always a good idea to get as much information as possible. And when it comes to dietary supplements, especially Spanish Fly products (or “Libido Enhancers” as they are officially called), you must be extremely careful.

On the market are several products with NO active ingredients and therefore with NO effects after use. What’s worse, there are a few products out there that may even be dangerous to your health.

That’s Why I Created This Website.

A simple place where regular folks can share both positive and negative, reviews of various Spanish Fly products.


As we are not a financial organization we need help from you.
Help us with any small donation so we can pay for the sever costs and other expenses.



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Spanish Gold Fly
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Germany Drops
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Why Do People Think ALL SPANISH FLY Products Are Dangerous?

First of all, we need to explain what “Spanish Fly” means. In the past, Spanish Fly were drops; they were known in Ancient Roman times and were a strong aphrodisiac made from blister beetles and contained cantharidin. However, they had some seriously dangerous side effects, so they could not be bought anymore. They became illegal and nobody sold them for decades.

Nowadays “Spanish Fly” is a term. It is a “type of a product“. It is a synonym for aphrodisiac. And on the market there is a huge amount of “Spanish Flys”, such as Spanish Gold Fly, Germany Sex Drops, Spanish Fly Love, etc..

They are all LEGAL to buy, as they do not use the illegal cantharidin, and they are in most cases are 100% safe to use. They just use the name “Spanish Fly” as the type of product – an aphrodisiac.

As such, you don’t need to be worried about buying Spanish Fly anymore. You can NOT buy the original, bad and dangerous Spanish Fly even if you want to.

Spanish Fly = Danger?

Aphrodisiacs, named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, have one single purpose – to increase the amount of sexual desire you’re feeling at that point in time, and ideally for several hours afterwards. The use of these “love potions” dates back thousands of years to when humans first started tinkering with medicine, and when they first realized what a potent weapon sex and sexual energy can be. Of all the aphrodisiacs that have come into, and vanished out of existence over the centuries, Spanish Fly features as the single most famous, and ultimately the most dangerous, product designed to allegedly increase female arousal and sexual desire.sex drops

Spanish Fly itself is not actually made from flies (thankfully I hear you say!), but is instead made from a type of green beetle called the Lytta vesicatoria. Basically the dried remains of these beetles are ground into a fine powder, which is then mixed with a number of other ingredients and then placed in a water or alcohol base. So this allegedly potent aphrodisiac is made from dead insects – there’s no sexual magic or alchemy involved.
spanish fly beetleThere are some historical records which say that Spanish Fly was originally used as a form of anesthetic given to men on their wedding night. At that time it was an ointment which was applied to the male genitals to numb them long enough to allow the man to perform sexually for longer, impressing his new wife in the process. It was never, ever designed to be taken internally though, and this is where the health issues really start. Now this goes against everything you see when in adverts for this female libido enhancer, because it’s always supplied as either drops, or sometimes pills, to be taken orally.

There’s a serious problem here because the active ingredient in this aphrodisiac is something called cantharadin, which is actually a severe irritant and blistering agent. In fact they’re so potent that simply placing a substance containing cantharadin on your skin can cause it to blister almost immediately, so it’s obviously not something you would ever want to drink or take orally.

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The most commonly held belief around Spanish Fly is that it was originally used to encourage farm animals to mate (and it was reasonably effective in making this happen), so somebody, somewhere decided that it could be used for the same purpose for human beings. The reason why people think this aphrodisiac might actually work to enhance your sex drive is because it causes irritation in the urinary tract, which then causes blood to rush to your genitals – this rush of blood then being mistaken for sexual arousal. What’s actually happening is that the toxic ingredients in Spanish Fly are poisoning your body in a number of different ways.

The only real reason Spanish Fly has managed to retain some kind of mystical significance as an aphrodisiac is because it’s been banned from sale in most civilized countries – simply because it’s so dangerous. Unfortunately some people think it’s been banned because it actually works and this makes them all the more eager to try it. The fact that this product has been banned has created a kind of weird viral marketing campaign for it – which people are still falling for even today.

sex dropsSo are there any health risks associated with taking Spanish Fly?

Folks the list is almost endless, but what we’re going to do is to list the most common and most serious side effects of this aphrodisiac, as a warning to any woman considering taking this “sexual stimulant”, even just experimentally.


Spanish Fly has been used for centuries by back alley abortionist to terminate pregnancies, so any woman who is currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant needs to avoid this product like the plague itself. There is a very strong risk that using this product in even the smallest of doses could cause you to accidentally abort your child.

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Kidney Damage

There are numerous verifiable cases of Spanish Fly causing severe damage to the kidneys of people taking it. This is based on the fact that the irritant contained in this product goes to work on your urinary tract causing inflammation and infection there, which then spreads elsewhere. If you do decide to use Spanish Fly you should be prepared to visit the nearest hospital shortly afterwards.

Neurological Issues

Taking Spanish Fly in even small doses can result in anything from delirium, confusion and borderline psychosis to actual loss of consciousness. People who use this product often complain of not feeling in control of their own thoughts and emotions and, believe it or not, some people become so confused they actually start barking like a dog. So if you like the idea of developing potentially long-term neurological problems then Spanish Fly is ideal for you (we’re kidding obviously).

Frequent Urination

The irritation of your urinary tract will be so severe that you’ll literally need to urinate every few minutes, ruining any potential for sexual fun you might have been looking forward to. The most commonly reported side effect of using this product is that you constantly feel the need to urinate after taking it.


One of the other side effects of using this product is that you’ll also experience a burning sensation in your eyes, and there’s even a possibility that your vision will develop a yellow hue to it. There is no information available on how long these vision-related side effects actually last.

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Digestive Problems

Within just minutes of taking a few drops of this “stimulant” you’ll begin to experience a burning sensation in your throat and then your stomach. The irritation can become so severe that it will eventually require professional medical assistance. Many people also report feeling incredibly thirsty, but that drinking any kind of fluid has no effect on this thirst, making it unbearable as a result.


In large doses Spanish Fly can kill you – it’s literally that toxic. Most of the genuine Spanish Fly products contain a very small amount of a poison called strychnine, and absorbed in small doses this would make you feel extremely unwell. In larger doses however it will kill you very quickly, and what’s worse strychnine poisoning can be hard to trace except when it’s present in your body in massive quantities.
spanishflySo as you can see Spanish Fly is about as dangerous a substance as you would ever dare take, with side-effects so serious that you’re probably wondering what it hasn’t been banned completely? Unfortunately human beings have a tendency to believe myth and lore rather than actual science, which is why rhinos are still being hunted for their horns, which is then turned into an aphrodisiac product for men, for example. Basically Spanish Fly will not only do absolutely nothing for your sex drive, but it can and will endanger your health.

The reason why you started reading this article in the first place though is because, as a woman, you’re struggling with your current lack of sexual desire and you’re no doubt desperate to find a way to treat this “problem”. It’s impossible for anyone to understand what it feels like to lose your sex drive, unless they’ve actually experienced it themselves. This sense of desperation is what drives so many people to try crazy lotions and potions like Spanish Fly to reignite the flames of passion in their life, and in their body, all over again.

Obviously Spanish Fly that can be found everywhere for dirt cheap isn’t an option for boosting your libido, but you might want to take a look at other products instead. They are 100% natural (contain water, fructose and melatonin for example) way to increase your sex drive and put your libido into high gear.

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sex drops

Tips Towards Strengthening Confidence: You Are Beautiful

Self esteem may be highest among middle-age women around 60 yrs, according to a study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. When you’re at a certain age, you’re most comfortable with yourself, your success and relationships. Embrace it. For all those pesky little knocks to your self esteem, try these tips instead.

Tip 1: Make a Small Change

Think small and work yourself up. You can not expect to reinvent yourself overnight, so begin with a small alteration. A mild change in hair style or hair color, a few new outfits, switching from glasses to buying contact lenses and working on your posture are a few ways to add some confidence and freshness to your overall appearance. Little physical changes may seem superficial, but they will help you feel confident.

Tip 2: Remember That Aging Isn’t the Enemy

Ninety-seven percent of women find themselves hating their body every day, according to a Glamour magazine poll. You can stall aging by taking care of yourself, but it is impossible to stop. Celebrity worship, media expression and constant negativity all add to the overall lack of self esteem on such a wide scale.

Take time each day to remind yourself of the positives you have. Compliment yourself. Remember the people who truly matter in your life think you’re beautiful 24/7.

Tip 2: Focus on Your Health on a Micro Level

The resurgence in supplements and vitamin usage is growing. More women are becoming aware of the medical and health benefits from taking daily vitamins. A shortage of vitamin D causes mood swings and sporadic bursts of various levels of depression, which can be linked to low self esteem, according to Dr. Oz. Few foods are great sources of vitamin D, so implement a daily vitamin to make sure you’re getting enough.

Tip 3: Focus on Body Image

Roughly 91 percent of women are unhappy with their body image, and only five percent actually have the ideal body frame portrayed in the mass media, reports DoSomething.org. This, of course, directly correlates with the 20 billion-dollar annual revenue in the weight-loss industry. Body image is key, and a poor valuation of your own body image compared to the “regular” woman will result in the inability to see yourself in a positive light. Poor body image can lower your confidence and negatively affect your social life, sex drive and overall happiness.

Tip 4: Practice Constant Beauty

A woman should always focus on her most beautiful aspects, inside and out. Even when you wake up, work out, or feel sick, uphold the thought that you are beautiful. Like a smile that brings a bad mood into a good one, a conscious positive reinforcement of your beauty will eventually become natural and be reflected in your everyday worth. A low self esteem seeps into all areas, including how you treat your body physically. Someone with little self esteem has little desire to take care of themselves. You are at your highest level of performance when you feel sexy. Wear sexy colors, such as red, and listen to music that is empowering.

Bedroom Bliss: Make Your Room Sexy


Your bedroom should be reserved for sleep, sex and seclusion. When it comes to decorating the space, “sexy” doesn’t have to mean mirrored ceilings, red walls, hundreds of candles and Barry White playing in the background.

For couples whose lives are filled with work, family and social events, the bedroom offers an oasis from the outside world. Transform your room from blah and busy to romantic and relaxed.

Set the Mood

Stay away from the cliché of scented candles. An overpowering smell can distract you, and fire hazards can worry you. For lighting, choose soft yellow or rose-colored bulbs with indirect lighting fixtures that are lower to the ground. If you’re stuck on candles, use flameless. They offer the same romantic effect without the worry.

Find bedding that’s comfortable and inviting. A U.K. study found that people who decorate in purple have more sex per week (3.49 times) than those who decorate with any other color. The same study found that couples using satin sheets had more sex than couples using any other fabric. Look for pillows and white satin sheets to add decorative touches and keep you cozy when you fall asleep.


This is your room, not one in a catalog, and it should be an inner sanctum for you both. Hang pictures of places you want to go together or photos of just the two of you. Decorate with items that are significant and remind you of your relationship. Keep calming, fresh flowers from FTD.com or your local farmers market on the mantle. Choose a piece of art to hang on the wall or special knickknacks to place on shelves to enhance your relationship and bring back fun memories.

Remove the Clutter

The bedroom is probably the most neglected room in the house when it comes to cleaning. Guests don’t usually see it, so we put it off and things pile up. Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free and declare it a stress-free sanctuary. If you don’t make your bed every day, get in the habit. Nothing ruins the mood more than piles of clothes, a dirty floor and a messy bed.

Keep It Technology-free

Watching TV, texting in bed and working on the computer can be a big buzz-kill. These devices not only distract you from each other, they also hinder your sleep quality. Declare your bedroom an electronics-free zone..

Pet-Free Zone

One thing most couples forget is how distracting their pets can be. Your cat or dog probably follows you around the house and sleeps in your bed, so you wouldn’t think about kicking them out. Make a habit of keeping them out of your bedroom in the evening and don’t let them sleep on the bed. If you and your significant other have alone time, shut the door and don’t let anyone in. You should focus on only each other.

Vigrx Plus Reviews – Is it really Groundbreaking?


What is VigRX Plus?

Short and simple answer: VigRX Plus is a penile enhancer that simultaneously helps to heighten your sexual performance. It’s proven to be an overwhelming success, with impressive statistics to boot.

Let’s find out more.

Will VigRX Plus work for You?

The most common question among potential buyers of the VigRX Plus pill is does it actually work and will it work for them.

Well, there’s no hard and fast ruling on that score since everyone is different. But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the stuff works well.

Incidentally, the VigRX manufacturers recently employed unbiased health professionals (i.e. professionals not under the employment of VigRX Plus) to conduct a clinical study. After which, the findings were published for all to see.

The trials were focused on 75 men and lasted for 84 days.

Here’s a brief overview of the findings, and we’re sure that you’ll agree, the results are very encouraging.

  • • Proven to give longer-lasting erections.
  • • Erections are longer and wider than experienced when not using VigRX Plus.
  • • A boost in sexual desire and performance.
  • • Orgasm is more intense and lasts longer than otherwise.
  • • General increase in confidence.

More information about this clinical trial can be found below.

How does VigRX Plus Work?

The product comprises no less than 10 natural precursors to aid in stronger erection; it also includes libido enhancers and

Over time, the contents from the pills build up in your body, thereby improving sexual performance, in addition to stamina.

One of the keys to the success of this concoction is that it works positively to alter bodily nitric oxide levels, thereby aiding in the relaxation of penile muscle tissues, enhancing blood flow, and thus providing a stronger, thicker, and more ‘entire’ erection.

Then, the aphrodisiacs give a boost to testosterone levels, helping to increase the sexual urge. Not to worry, however, as the aphrodisiacs are not quite strong enough to encourage any particular sexual ‘misdemeanors’.

Just a couple of pills each day and you’ll soon have a similar apparatus to that of Billy Bob Thornton.

And, it merely takes a few days after initial use to enjoy improved ‘performance’. Keep taking those tablets and you’ll never look back.

Are there any Side Effects with VigRX Plus?

The positives are pretty obvious given the results from the above study alone. But, as with anything good in life, there’s generally a bad side too.

A number of previous customers have reported side effects, though it must be made clear that some of those customers had pre-existing health issues.

Among the more pertinent complaints were the following:

  • • Allergic reactions
  • • Gastrointestinal issues
  • • Heart palpitations
  • • Restlessness
  • • Insomnia

And of course, as is obligatory, at this stage we do warn you to consult with your doctor prior to taking any form of pills to help with erectile dysfunction.

Why you Should Choose VigRX Plus

Without trying to sound over-zealous, we believe that VigRX Plus is the very best penile enhancing pills available on the market today.

Why are we so bold in what we claim?

Extensive clinical trials and market research go some distance in proving our point.

Further, previous customer testimonials also highlight the fact that VigRX Plus works for them in improving their sexual stamina and helping to improve their overall confidence.

vigrx plus doctor endorsment


As previously noted, the clinical trial served to enhance belief that VigRX Plus does work and works mighty well.

A synopsis of the findings is given below:

  • • Those who were involved in the trial effectively enjoyed a 63% time increase in maintenance of erection.
  • • It was reported that those same men experienced a 59% increase in their capacity to penetrate their partner.
  • • Orgasm increased in frequency (and in quality) by 22% while partners also enjoyed longer and more satisfying climaxes.
  • • Activity of a sexual nature increased by a whopping 71%.
  • • Amount of sexual drive increased by 47%.
  • • Sexual satisfaction improved by 61%.

vigrx plus results

VigRX Plus Coupon Codes

You’ll be delighted to know that we do provide you with a VigRX Plus coupon code to get you started out on your journey to super sexual stardom.

Simply decide on the appropriate product for your needs, then follow along with these four easy steps to enjoy your VigiRX Plus discount.

• Click on the coupon code link and you’ll be transported over to the VigRX Plus official web-site.

• Select the ‘Order Now’ page and choose the product pack that’s of interest to you.

• After choosing the product, you’ll then be taken to a purchase page. Enter in your credentials and payment details.

• Once done, scroll down the page and paste in your VigRX Plus coupon code. Press ‘Apply’.

If the code works, as it certainly should, your discount will automatically be applied to your shopping cart. Then, all you need to do is proceed through the secure checkout pages to obtain your purchase.

The following coupon codes can all be used with the products listed on the official VigRX Plus website:

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And many more!

How is it possible that we can offer you such excellent discounts on VigRX Plus?

It’s mostly because we care. And partly because we also enjoy a unique liaison with the manufacturer.

Thus, we are able to publish valid coupons throughout the year.

Buy Cheap

If you’ve already used VigRX Plus, unfortunately, you’ll not be in a position to enjoy the free 60-day trial.

Nevertheless, you can still purchase the product cheaply by using one of the links provided below.

Keep in mind that many other websites on the web that offer this male enhancement product at a heavily discounted price will be vending either counterfeit or fake VigRX Plus.

Needless to say, this can have a severely negative impact on your health. Ever seen a green penis?

Thus, it’s a wise precaution to use the following links to make your purchase of VigRX Plus:

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We have entire faith that these discounts are the very best available online. Furthermore, you’ll have full peace of mind knowing that you’re making your purchase from the official supplier of VigRX Plus male enhancement pills.

Free Trial

Though we provide the cheapest deals on VigRX, it doesn’t just end there.

For new customers who perhaps would like to try before they buy, we also provide a number of excellent offers.

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In effect, the link above works similarly to the free trial of VigRX Plus. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the product you can claim a full, no-questions-asked money-back refund within 60 days of your original purchase.

Please note that the free trial and money-back offer is available at the time of writing unless mentioned otherwise.

All offers and discounts on VigRX Plus may change occasionally, so it’s wise to act fast to ensure you’ll get the very best deal.

Age is what? Just a number.

Re-discover the man in you with VigRX plus today!

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