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Bedroom Bliss: Make Your Room Sexy

Bedroom Bliss: Make Your Room Sexy
Romantic bedroom luxury interior design with warm light

Your bedroom should be reserved for sleep, sex and seclusion. When it comes to decorating the space, “sexy” doesn’t have to mean mirrored ceilings, red walls, hundreds of candles and Barry White playing in the background.

For couples whose lives are filled with work, family and social events, the bedroom offers an oasis from the outside world. Transform your room from blah and busy to romantic and relaxed.

Set the Mood

Stay away from the cliché of scented candles. An overpowering smell can distract you, and fire hazards can worry you. For lighting, choose soft yellow or rose-colored bulbs with indirect lighting fixtures that are lower to the ground. If you’re stuck on candles, use flameless. They offer the same romantic effect without the worry.

Find bedding that’s comfortable and inviting. A U.K. study found that people who decorate in purple have more sex per week (3.49 times) than those who decorate with any other color. The same study found that couples using satin sheets had more sex than couples using any other fabric. Look for pillows and white satin sheets to add decorative touches and keep you cozy when you fall asleep.


This is your room, not one in a catalog, and it should be an inner sanctum for you both. Hang pictures of places you want to go together or photos of just the two of you. Decorate with items that are significant and remind you of your relationship. Keep calming, fresh flowers from FTD.com or your local farmers market on the mantle. Choose a piece of art to hang on the wall or special knickknacks to place on shelves to enhance your relationship and bring back fun memories.

Remove the Clutter

The bedroom is probably the most neglected room in the house when it comes to cleaning. Guests don’t usually see it, so we put it off and things pile up. Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free and declare it a stress-free sanctuary. If you don’t make your bed every day, get in the habit. Nothing ruins the mood more than piles of clothes, a dirty floor and a messy bed.

Keep It Technology-free

Watching TV, texting in bed and working on the computer can be a big buzz-kill. These devices not only distract you from each other, they also hinder your sleep quality. Declare your bedroom an electronics-free zone..

Pet-Free Zone

One thing most couples forget is how distracting their pets can be. Your cat or dog probably follows you around the house and sleeps in your bed, so you wouldn’t think about kicking them out. Make a habit of keeping them out of your bedroom in the evening and don’t let them sleep on the bed. If you and your significant other have alone time, shut the door and don’t let anyone in. You should focus on only each other.


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