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Did you know there are specific causes for a low sex drive or inhibited libido in women?

Women are no different to men in that any type of sexual dysfunction, such as lack of libido, usually has either physical or psychological causes; or sometimes both.

The Physical Causes

* Reduced iron levels in the blood (anemia) which can be experienced after menstruation and childbirth can both lower a woman’s sex drive
* If a woman finds penetrative sex painful (dyspareunia) or rarely, if ever, has an orgasm (anorgasmia) then this tends to affect her willingness to have sex in the future
* Although many people think otherwise excessive consumption of alcohol actually causes a decreased sexual desire in women
* The use of illegal drugs and other substances can also cause a reduction in the libido of women
* Ill-health, including conditions such as diabetes, can affect a woman’s sex drive
* If a woman is either extremely overweight or extremely underweight this can cause problems with her libido
* Extensive use of prescription sedatives can and will affect any woman’s libido
* If a woman suffers from very low levels of self-esteem, self-confidence or has a poor self-image this will definitely impact her desire to have sex
* “Baby Blues”, or what’s also called postpartum depression, is a massive hormonal change experienced by women after giving birth to a child – she’s simply too tired and too busy nursing the baby to have time for sex
* Any type of hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body can cause problems for her libido
* Negative “emotional baggage” from previous relationships can result in a woman feeling less inclined to want to have sex

The Psychological Causes

For women sex is as much a mental “act” as it is an emotional or physical one and if a woman has a mental block about sex then it can have a drastic impact on her libido. There are a wide number of different types of psychological issues or trauma in relation to having sex that a woman can experience, such as the following:

* When a woman is suffering any form of depression sex will be the last thing on her mind
* If your body is an in highly stressed or anxious state having sex will be difficult at best
* When sexual abuse or assault is part of any woman’s past this can cause significant issues in her adult sex life
* Some women are born lesbians and simply don’t want to admit that they don’t find men sexually attractive. Asexuality is another similar issue.
* A relationship that moves from one argument to the next is a not one that’s likely to ignite the flames of passion in any woman
* When a woman is experiencing the menopause it can severely impact her libido in a negative way
* The loss of a loved one, or even a loved pet, can also cause problems with a woman’s sex drive

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